"...Tamás Fehér is a 1st class practitioner who excels in the development of any athletes strength and power."
Dean Riddle

Head of Strength & Conditioning, Sheffield United Football Club

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Feher Sport Performance is a Leeds (UK) based company, founded by Tamás Fehér; Head Coach of British Weight Lifting, internationally-recognised coach, lecturer at numerous international coaching seminars and author of several professional publications.
We are committed to creating innovative professional literature about Olympic Weightlifting and weight training and our aim is to share our knowledge and expertise with everyone who is interested in this wonderful sport.

According to our slogan: "Beyond Weightlifting"... this website is not only a resource for Olympic Weightlifters or their trainers, but for coaches and athletes from any sporting background, qualified or self-taught, professional or amateur. We work for everyone who loves to lift weights...

Nowadays there are more people than ever using weightlifting exercises as part of their training. This is a consequence of two parallel 'phenomena'. One of them is the appearance and evolution of CrossFit, a young sport has become incredibly popular worldwide and every day introduces new people to lifting. The other, is the increasing interest in Olympic Weightlifting from individual and team sports, which have started to recognize the value of Olympic lifts in
their own physical training process.


So, that's a call for us at Feher Sport Performance to share our professional knowledge and experience that we've accumulated over the last 3 decades.


That’s our mission.


We provide the latest and most comprehensive Olympic Weightlifting and weight training-related professional information through our:

Coaching courses and seminars worldwide (basic to elite-level)
Individual training management for Weightlifters
CrossFitters, athletes from other sports
Remote coaching

With your contribution we will be able to improve our services continuously and we will publish more and more useful and high quality knowledge provided by our top professionals and authors.
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Feher Sport Performance?
 The latest work of Tamás Fehér is released:
A must have region free Double DVD Set about the correct technical execution of Snatch and Clean & Jerk and the main training exercises.
Recommended by
Dr. Tamás Aján
President of the International Weightlifting Federation, Honorary IOC Member